Hey Pam!

I have found the albums!  I was looking for my luggage in the Red Sea and suddenly saw a small pallet floating aimlessly this way and that.  Upon my approach I was able to discern they were in fact 200 copies of Hey Pam!  Let’s make them available for all!  

They have been successfully added to your Market Shop.  We can begin taking orders today and start shipping them tomorrow!

Miss you and see you in many possible futures.


PS - The Red Sea is beautiful while lost in thought

Hey Pam!,

I've just arrived in Egypt and lost my luggage.  It's 4 matching suitcases.  All 4 are green. They are of varying sizes but you would know they all belong to the same series.  Have you seen them? 

Anyways, I'm writing to let you know that the album is almost out!  I think I'm supposed to have had more things prepared by now but it's hard when you also work as an explorer of oddities and memories from the ancient worlds.  How we had time to even write and record this album is hard to fathom, but nonetheless, it is almost here and I supposed we need to prepare for it.

Write back soon with suggestions,


PS: I made a video about the album